Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Direction Do You Want CeCe To Go In With Her Debut Album?

So now that CeCe has been recording, hopefully for her debut album, what direction would you like to see her go?  There are a couple of direction I think she could go.  These are my thoughts:

1. A (Ke$ha type) party album.  Her style has been compared to Ke$ha in the past.  Upbeat dance songs would fit her well.

2. A inspiring album with anthems regarding acceptance and self esteem.  These are aspects CeCe has emphasized in her tweets to and with fans.  I wouldn't be surprised if she featured a few songs such as these.

3. A sex kitten dance album (a la Britney Spears).  Could work with CeCe's personality and dancing.

These are just a few options!  PLEASE comment and tell me what you guys think!  I want to hear all of your thoughts.!

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